Garden Renewal – Bristol (Jul 7 – Sep 6 2020)

We needed to quarantine for 14 days on our return to the UK so we thought we’d tackle the garden back at Bush Avenue (Mark’s Dad’s house).
It was a mess despite the efforts of Alan next door clearing brambles at Easter.

T’was a mess!

We (both of us and Andy’s mum) spent weeks weeding, clearing rubbish, sorting re-usable stuff and generally uncovering everything.

Andy’s Mum putting in yet another shift!

Mark had bought a decking kit years ago and left it in a pile on the patio – a base was required for it’s construction … which took a few weeks to build.
The decking itself went together OK (with some brute force!) despite being twisted and warped.

Pile of old timber …. decking base … completed decking! Hooray!

Much digging and rotavating ensued to shape lawn areas and a border.
Fran fought with a major shrub root for a week. Paving areas were dug on the hottest day. The patio was removed, weeded and the base pounded to dust and the whole thing re-laid.
Four tons of aggregate were shipped in for the paving (thanks to octagenarians Andy’s Mum and neighbour Sam helping to shift it!).

Fran determined to get the better of that shrub

Paving was laid, dry stone low-level retaining walls were built, edging was installed and finally turf was laid!
8 weeks after we arrived we had a garden!!


We managed to few days off … a trip to Devon to collect our cement mixer from Jane and Jon at St Olaves, a trip to Burnham-On-Sea to buy the edging and a couple of weekends at James’ place (Fran’s son) in London. Andy got a couple of fishing trips in and did some singing and we both enjoyed catching up with friends and family and wrestling with the allotment … but the bombshell news (dropped on July 16) is that Andy’s daughter Jess is pregnant!! Gonna be a granddad for the first time!!

Fran in Bee Keeping costume

So the whole thing was quite a slog. Not sure we’ve ever worked so hard for such a long period of time but the results were worth it and we’re glad we still had the energy to finish the job.

Hard slog on the hottest day of the year.